Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sorry i'm not webster

miripoix= ratio of onion 1/2,carrot 1/4,and celery 1/4
brunios= small dice aproxy, 1/4 on an inch by 1/4 of an inch,...so small pretty dice really
mise en place=everything in it's place, meaning all of your ingredients, organized and ready to go.
blogger dashboard=?
i have these terms that we use in the work place and am unsure sure if they are common knowledge or not

i'm'na get a camera soon for this


  1. Blogger dashboard equals your tools for editing and ccreating brilliance in blogland.
    Any picture you want off my blog, 'right click' and 'save as' save to your computer, then upload it to your blog. when youre composing a post, upload all your pics in backwards order (they post from the bottom up) then add the caption in between pics. to get them on the post, click the picture icon (located on the tool bar) and then brouse, find your pics on your computer, then double click on the one you want (upload one at a time). It can be a process.

  2. Read or another one. hope your thanksgiving went well.