Wednesday, November 10, 2010

curry with the english

never made curry before really,but i was in portland yesterday and found a great indian grocery! like most indian markets i've been to, they sold EVERYTHING!, spices teas, rice, frozen goods, naan, baliwood movies, baliwood posters of half naked dudes,candy charms,tea pots, insence, lotterey tickets lifeinsurance,spare tires, hotel rooms, half hour special girls, gummy bears, bike pumps, passports, and the will to live....
   okay some of that was just for fun,. there was no lottery tickets, and the will to live came in the form of chicken thighs and basmati rice that i scented with some black tea i recived from my lovely and talented hair lady from scotland or wales, i'm not sure, i just no she's hard core but very polite about it, she cut's my hair perfect too! i don't have to explain to her what i want,..she just knows how to make me look not so unfortunate looking.
     Anyway i got the chicken thighs marinating in spices and yougurt, lot's of tumeric,..sear the meat and then saute those good veg in that fat with more tumericm and garlic powder, chili flake, deglaze with soy and simmer with coconut milk....oh my heaven it was great!

I also got a new robe today, which makesme feel comfortable and cozy, and very unproductive all at the same time, ..what a great article of cothing to inspire so many different and clashing moods.

so the curry went well,..i wish to try it out on sombody that knows the what curry should taste like as i really don't know much about it.   i see many idian joints around here,(not casino's) but i don't know if they are ny good, i just know that the indian peole i have know were all very attractive, i get the brown fever from my mom i think, tha offensive?  it's not racist when you "like" the race right?

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