Monday, November 22, 2010

bad dog

A day off is always nice, wonderful and hetero life mate charlie bought me a little baby gate,.. you know the ones you use to block of hallways or staircases that would certainly result in death to a person just learning how to walk,..(small children). 
       anyway charlie bought me the baby gate for the purpose of keeping his little mini schnauzer out of my room as he has in an act of aggression defecated in my room many occasions. i'm not happy with that however, he does have small hard little poops, easy to clean, not sloppy and smear it the carpet poop.  okay enough of that talk, me thinks that's more dessert conversation.

 So now that "bo bo" ( great name to shout out in the hood when you try to sound tough), had n accident with his BM, it seems he ate thread or floss or something , so he was unable to dislodge properly his feces after being let out for "potty" ( and yes they cll it that)  so the little guy had a sizable piece attached to his very hairy little dog butt. which went unnoticed by all parties of the house. so he dragged that smelly dog crap all over charlie's room and bed and blanket's,pillows, clothes and carpet.

    I witnessed comedic justice, charlie had to put the dog into the bath and pull string, or whatever it was, from bo bo's smelly hind parts. all the while gagging and fighting vomit.  he used about two rolls of toilet tissue while cleaning bo bo, thus clogging the toilet as well, we have flooding poop water, and wet dog in bathtub while he is cutting the poop from his body with our kitchen shears, which are now our "dog shears".

   i got done laughing at his dilemma and decided to help,...i plunged and help wipe up, but i thought i had to share this story,..can't think of a good segues for a recipe, so there it is

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