Saturday, December 25, 2010

picture "perfect" we shall see

Okay let's see if Cody can put a picture on here,..if this worked then you are looking at the house's Christmas dinner.  Last time i had Christmas dinner with my roommates we also had this bone in rib, with cauliflower puree and roasted brussels sprouts and a nice demi glace.

             Ah Christmas morning, last year i was with the family for the first time in years, but alas this year i get to spend it with my fellow co workers much like many years in the past. that's the wonderful part of working hospitality.  who knows, perhaps the snow of maine will render everyone drive less and stuck indoors so the hotel will have no choice but to let all of the fine people at the haraseeket inn enjoy the fruits of our labors, and they would all have to listen to me play piano.
             Any way, shot pointless post, i mostly wanted to see if i could put a picture on here.

Okey dokey,.so here is my amuse back from September 21'st at 4:21 in the pm.  Man i must have been running late. So an amuse is somthing complimentary that each diner gets before the meal starts, "amuse bouche" not sure what that translates into exactly but i think loosely it means a good hours worth of work by Cody that either doesn't get used by lazy servers and thrown away and or complained about because the guest wants something else..yeah my french is rusty,..
   Anyway let's see here, i have purple endive as the base with herbed chevre(goat cheese) brunios red bell, and curly scallion.  the point here folks is really to make a one bite little taste to start of the dining experience, nothing too aggressive, but something cute or dandy, looking more to feed the eye you know.  in fact i think i will use this blog spot to document my daily amuse so i don't forget, as my short term is kinda shot, especially with peoples names at work.  What's more it seems that having worked there for 5 or so months they get annoyed that i can't remember them.....


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